On the planet Taito lives the twins Bub and Bob. Could you help them to finish each round?

Puzzle Bobble is finally on the Amstrad CPC !

Here is our tribute to the Taito best arcade games.


- faster ball launching

- new balls
- more animation (the balls shine :p)
- monsters fall when you hit the ball
- small QR code (easier to flash)
- line didn't appear anymore after the first level (in hard mode)
- C4CPC & Dandanator version available (that only need 64k)



  • Benjamin "OneVision" Yoris - GFX
  • Stephane "Shaan" Liuzzi - SFX
  • Miguel "RedBug" Vanhove - Code

Crazy Piri intro screen

  • Cedric "LeZone" Grandemange - GFX
  • Alexis "KOOPA" Lambin - SFX
  • Bruno "Kukulcan" CPCPOWER - Code

Additional credits

  • Julien "Targhan" Nevo (AKG player)
  • Andre Leiradella (qrc1 library)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorsCrazy Piri, OneVision, redbug26, shaan1974
TagsAmstrad CPC, cpc, puzzlebobble


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Puzzle Bobble (v1.2).dsk 199 kB
Puzzle Bobble (v1.2).cpr - For C4CPC 512 kB


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Awesome conversion for the CPC. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:28:24. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Hi, I can´t play new version (1.2) in my cpc6128. Crazypiri´s screen freeze in the curtain!. I think is some archive of CRTC´S management. 1.0 version works perfect!. Can you modify the curtain after Crazypiri or eliminate it? Thanks

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Some good improvements in V1.1. Especially that the aiming-line now is gone after the first level.

I found out, when i played this game longer in WinAPE Amstrad-CPC emulator, that it plays best, when i use 150% speed, instead of the original 100%. Then the whole gameplay is faster and more similar to the Arcade versions of Puzzle Bobble (Bust a Move). Only the music is much too fast then, of course.  :)


try the v1.2 :) No need the 150% speed anymore :)

Nice, the next good improvement!

Cool, nice! Great job!

Great conversion, congratulations. What a nice game!

Gran juego, gracias

Yay, what a nice conversion from the Arcade. Congratulations!

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Any chance of a tape version?

(Or does this have no chance of running on a vanilla CPC 464?)

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I've made a tape version in .CDT form, any chance it can be added for others?

For any others reading this it will work on a 464, but 128kB of RAM is needed, so you'll need a RAM expansion.

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Hi thanks for this game. I noticed some sound problem (depending of the emulator). Congrats guys for this amazing work :)

Here a gameplay with caprice forever 19.2. 

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Thanks for the game. I am a big fan of the whole "Puzzle Bobble" series and i own alot different versions of this game. Versions for alot consoles and computers, so I can make a good comparison. This version here is good overall, with nice graphics, nice music and so on, but i also found a few points, that i don't find ideal. To name some of them (not to be understood as criticism, but as a suggestion for improvement, if technically possible?)

(1) i didn't find a way, to turn off the aiming-line, because as a player you actually want to aim yourself and then logically not hit everytime exactly there, where you want to. That's what the gameplay is based on. If there's always an aiming-line active, you'll always hit perfectly, which shouldn't be the case normally. Wouldn't it be better here, to make the aiming-line deactivatable and instead, equip the gun with an arrow, so you can see where you're aiming? This then would be, like it is in the Arcade version. 

(2) too much time passes, from pressing the firebutton, until the bubble then leaves the cannon. Sometimes, when things get tight, this leads to time pressure here in the CPC port, because you can't shoot several bubbles in a row fast enough, because the cannon doesn't provide the bubbles fast enough.

(3) there is unfortunately no "versus" mode at all, neither against a second human opponent, nor against the CPU opponents. This is a pity, because the versus mode is actually the most fun in all the ports of this game that i knew.

As I said, it's really great, that this good game is now also available for the Amstrad CPC, but these points could possibly be improved a bit, then the CPC-port would be even better.


Incredible, fantastic work !!! Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot. An idear : a GX4000 port ?

Yes ;) We already work on it ;)

Many thanks for this great superb port of a classic arcade game 


Amazing port game! Congrats !